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Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing

Whether you realize it or not, the day you started using the Internet, you were using the cloud. 

The "cloud" means that the programs you are utilizing on your computer, tablet or smartphone are interacting with programs running on servers and delivered to your device via the Internet.

By simply viewing this web-page you are using the cloud! Your browser is displaying this page that is maintained on a web-server. If you use your browser to read your e-mail you are using the Internet to interact with a mail server. These are some simple examples that anyone can understand.

What Can the Cloud Do for Business?

Cloud technologies have become more useful. The volume of information that is transmitted from devices and servers over the Internet can now meet the demands of business applications. Servers are also more powerful allowing users to do more than was possible in the past.

These powerful technologies, make it possible for companies to have their business applications hosted and maintained by a cloud provider. This reduces or completely removes the need for some businesses to take the risk and expense of making capital purchase decisions, by choosing to transfer those liabilities to a service provider.

From a business standpoint, this makes sense because a service provider can offer lower operational expenses (OPEX) for you. The provider makes all the large capital investments in equipment which are supported by their own highly trained IT professionals.

Need More Information?

For some business owners, the "cloud" is somewhat of an unknown and without education can be scary. That's the reason we have developed a "path to the cloud" so that it can be experienced before you commit to it.

We have provided some educational pieces so you can learn more about cloud computing. You can also read about real companies that have transformed their businesses with cloud technologies.